A long way from Tehran

"A long way from Tehran" Continued...

Issue: "Rethinking the death penalty," Oct. 19, 2013

“Since I was pregnant with them we prayed for that,” she said.

Fulfilling one of Saeed’s wishes, Naghmeh speaks Farsi at home with her children. Five-year-old Jacob’s middle name is Cyrus, for the ancient Persian king whose famous decree established religious freedom in the Middle East and allowed the Jewish exiles to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple. The Abedinis chose the name hoping both of their children “would be a powerful tool for God for the Middle East.”

Emily Belz
Emily Belz

Emily, who has covered everything from political infighting to pet salons for The Indianapolis Star, The Hill, and the New York Daily News, reports for WORLD from New York City. Follow Emily on Twitter @emlybelz.


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