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The female holocaust

"The female holocaust" Continued...

If the subcommittee hearing made the evil of gendercide clear, it was unclear what exactly should be done about it. George asked Congress to pressure the Indian government to stop targeting women for sterilization, and McElya said the United States should make aid contingent on the Indian government regularly reporting on its efforts to end sex selection. “There has to be a combination of political will and social demand,” McElya said.

But Mallika Dutt, the founder of the human rights organization Breakthrough, said any efforts to address the problem should include support for women’s health and reproductive services, including contraception and abortion. That prompted a spirited challenge from pro-life subcommittee members. “I am steadfast about human rights being from womb to the tomb,” said Smith, explaining he saw a disconnect between opposing a woman’s choice to abort a girl, but supporting her choice to abort for any other reason.

Rep. Randy Weber, R-Texas, asked Dutt if she would be OK with Indian women aborting boys as a way of correcting the gender imbalance. “You know, no one’s ever asked me this question,” Dutt replied, caught off guard. Without answering, she continued to insist all Indian women should retain access to abortion.

Rep. Tom Marino, R-Pa., suggested any additional aid to India to fight sex selection could be a tough sell to the American people at a time of financial crisis. When India’s own government isn’t serious about addressing the problem, “How do we convince the people of the United States?”

Daniel James Devine
Daniel James Devine

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