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Issue: "50 years after the bomb," Sept. 21, 2013

Cat bandit

Some cats bring home birds. Others bring home lizards. Richard and Sophie Windsor’s cat brings home ladies’ underwear. The Bristol, U.K., couple were horrified when they discovered their 2-year-old tabby named Norris had turned into a nocturnal cat burglar, breaking into neighbors’ houses and bringing home rags, clothes, and assorted underwear. In August, the Windsors penned an apologetic letter to neighbors: “This is a slightly embarrassing note to have to write but during his travels throughout the neighborhood, our cat, Norris, has brought back an assortment of items,” the letter reads. “Unlike most cats, Norris isn’t too interested in the local wildlife but has taken to straight up theft.” The letter invited neighbors to come by and check through Norris’s cache for any missing items.


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