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Kenyan president says terrorists defeated

"Kenyan president says terrorists defeated" Continued...

Al-Shabaab is a brutal militant movement linked to al-Qaeda, but it has mostly limited its violent attacks to Somalia and eastern Kenya. The group has beheaded Somali Christians, especially targeting those who converted from Islam, and last month kidnapped a Christian mother and two young children from their home, vowing to rid Somalia of Christians. Morningstar News has documented at least eight targeted killings of Christians, with at least one beheading, attributed to the militants in Somalia this year. The militants lost control of several areas of Somalia after Kenyan military forces entered Somalia last year to fight against the insurgency, which has threatened Kenya’s border areas and has sent tens of thousands Somalis into Kenya as refugees.

Somali refugees also have increasingly taken up residence in Nairobi, including business developers rumored to be financed by Somali militant groups. A Kenyan government investigation in 2010 blamed soaring property prices in the Kenyan capital on money laundered from Somali piracy. It said millions of dollars in ransom acquired by pirates were being laundered through the purchase of property in East Africa, notably in Nairobi, where over 200,000 Somalis reside and some property values have tripled in recent years. Much of the development attributed to Somali piracy is in the suburbs surrounding Westgate Mall.


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