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Issue: "50 years after the bomb," Sept. 21, 2013


Aug. 10 WORLD is consistently keeping our attention focused on the issues in our country that resemble pre–World War II Germany, like Hobby Lobby’s fight against insurance laws and many others. However, the issue is less about keeping freedoms than about remaining faithful followers of Christ.
—Jonathan Hickox, Allahabad, India

‘Remember the signs’

July 27 Having worked with the problem of sexual sin in our counseling program for over 20 years, I couldn’t agree more. I fear that the idea of cheap grace and the therapeutic culture, which treats sexual addiction as a disease, are as serious a threat to our faith as persecution was to the early Christians.
—Harry Schaumburg, Port Washington, Wis.

Organizations like the Gay Christian Network take the commands to love God and our neighbor and then define love with no reference to the rules God gave us. Unfortunately, too many Christians, tired of being vilified, let them do it and so fail to help them find the eternal love of Christ Jesus.
—Shawn M. French Sr., Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

‘A lesson from Iraq’

July 27 I very much appreciate Mindy Belz’s columns. Her style is easy to read and she has so much useful information about the world, particularly the Middle East.
—Kathy Barrett, Gaston, Ind.

‘Blood on the streets’

July 27 I grieved with Diane Jimenez over the babies that would be aborted after school was out at Biola University, but isn’t she fighting the symptoms rather than the disease?
—Jean Mader, San Diego, Calif.


July 13 I noticed the large photo of Brazilians protesting against corruption and other problems. Few people know (because the media failed to report it) that tens of thousands of evangelicals peacefully gathered during those same weeks to protest same-sex marriage and abortion.
—Hope Owsley, Brasília, Brazil

‘Unfinished song’

July 13 I recently went to see Unfinished Song and loved it! Congo Dawn (Spotlight, May 4) was a thoroughly enjoyable read. Thanks for making me aware of so many books, TV shows, and movies over the years that I would never have discovered on my own.
—Joni Halpin, Allen, Texas

I love WORLD magazine, especially the personal interviews!
—Wanda Benge, Dripping Springs, Texas


Tiger Woods has won three Open Championships in Britain (“Old men can win,” Aug. 10, p. 64).

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