Farm and home

"Farm and home" Continued...

Issue: "50 years after the bomb," Sept. 21, 2013

Solus Christus suggests that women pay $50 a week in rent, but the ministry accountant rarely sees a payment. Private donations and profits from Randy Borton’s bakery and the ministry thrift store sustain operations. Two women who went through Solus Christus and rehab last year work as volunteers alongside the Bortons.

Recently Courtney Hill spent three days in jail on an old misdemeanor and larceny charge. Her cell mate was an anorexic prostitute with arms covered in abscesses from shooting up. Hill says when she saw the deadness of the woman’s eyes, she scooped her up and held her for 30 minutes, praying that God would save her.

Being back in jail reminded Hill how much she does not want to spend any more time there. Before she came to Solus Christus, she believed producing methamphetamine was the only way to survive. Now Hill is learning another way. She carries from worship a bright green Recovery Bible and the Jesus Calling devotional. After lunch she does chores. Her job is taking care of the animals. As she carefully measures out grain for Moses the alpaca, she talks about trying to get her GED or going to technical school: “The way I’m living now is a whole new process for me.”

—Kira Clark is a World Journalism Institute graduate

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Money Box

• 2012 contributions: $57,985

• Thrift store receipts: $65,356

• 2012 expenses: $110,598

• Net assets at the end of 2012: $107,145

• Staff: Four unpaid staff members

• 2013 budget: $128,800

• Website: soluschristusinc.org


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