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Beauty, life, death, and hymns

"Beauty, life, death, and hymns" Continued...

My favorite song on your new album is “Come on Home.” Is there a story behind that? I was out one day and ran into a guy I knew in Kansas City. I saw him in a store and I asked how he was doing. He said he wasn’t well, you know? I said to him, “God’s not afraid of your weakness, is not intimidated by your failures. He loves you. You have to run to him, not away from him.” I prayed for him right there in the store. Later, at home, I grabbed my guitar and wrote those words to the song as though he was my brother and I was writing him a letter, telling him about his Father, who’s always sitting on the front porch, scanning the horizon, waiting for him. The second verse says, “Mercy’s reach is in your grasp/you’ll find it where you found it last.” I think it’s a song for [many] of us.

You’re currently on tour. What’s been the most rewarding moment so far? Last night, we were playing in a small church in Oklahoma that reminded me of my small church. It didn’t have great musicians or sounds systems. But [seeing] people tear up and grab tissues. … I could see that God was doing something beautiful in their hearts. Maybe they were reminded of some things in their lives. When you give people the gift of that moment, [of] a tender heart, it’s always worth it. We get to do something that adds value and beauty to the world. I’m thankful for that opportunity.

Tiffany Owens
Tiffany Owens

Tiffany is a correspondent for WORLD News Group.


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