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Performers with a purpose

"Performers with a purpose" Continued...

Issue: "Back to School," Sept. 7, 2013

“The music flipped off the stand and went under the xylophone in the concert. So in the concert I dove under the xylophone.” Kasica tried to gather the pages, but they were spread out like an accordion: “I stayed under the xylophone for the whole solo. And the conductor kept pointing at me, saying, ‘Play! Play!’”

Ever since, Kasica has begun concerts with a prayer he’ll do his best but stay humble.

Beneath stage lights at a crowded Honors Recital, 22-year-old violinist Dae Hee Ahn played a sonata by Johannes Brahms that conveyed feelings of adventure, thrill, tragedy, peace, and happiness, her face displaying each emotion. The MasterWorks student apprentice began playing her instrument at age 5 and immigrated to the United States from South Korea at age 7.

Ahn said she often gets nervous, and performances can feel like Judgment Day. But she calms her spirit by remembering she’s just a steward of her talent, not the owner. Her primary audience is a God of grace: “Just like at church when we sing hymns and we sing praise to him, I’m actually doing that on the violin, on stage—just in front of people.”

Listen to Daniel James Devine discuss the MasterWorks Festival on The World and Everything in It:

Daniel James Devine
Daniel James Devine

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