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"Office sharing" Continued...

Issue: "Reaping a whirlwind," Aug. 24, 2013

Blankspaces works more like a gym than typical rented space, with month-to-month membership ranging from $100 per month to work at the workbar to $1,300 for a private office. The short-term commitment is attractive for young freelancers and contractors, but it also means frequent turnover. Chris Martens, a web developer in his mid-20s, said turnover is the biggest downside: Many of the people he worked next to when he joined in August no longer work there. 

Still, Martens finds coworking better than working from home: “It’s lonely and depressing working by yourself, but there’s an energy here and it’s fun. … The environment motivates you to come in, especially since you’re paying for it.”

Chang sees his job as a business matchmaker, introducing people to others who work in similar fields, or are at the same stage of growing their company. He invites experts to help mentor startup founders, holds roundtable sessions for business owners, and plans weekly happy hours and parties so Blankspaces workers can meet each other.

Chang thinks the demand for coworking spaces will continue to grow: “Coworking creates that third space where you go to stay connected.”

Labor theology

The Theology of Work Project ( includes articles on what most books of the Bible say about work. “Often the most interesting resources come from the most unexpected places,” says William Messenger, executive editor of the TOW Project. “Who would have thought that the Song of Songs would have so much to say about workplace relationships and employee satisfaction, or that the best example of a manager in the Bible is the valiant woman in the Book of Proverbs?” He adds, “I was surprised that Paul’s discussion about yoking oxen in 2 Corinthians would have so much practical guidance for workplace relationships in business today.” —A.L.

Angela Lu
Angela Lu

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