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Monitoring the madness in Massachusetts

"Monitoring the madness in Massachusetts" Continued...

I grew up in the South, and in my own high school, integration happened without a lot of problems. Within a few years students voted in a black homecoming king and a white homecoming queen, and there was no diversity training. But in my own kids’ high school, for kids to accept homosexuality and transgenderism they had to have constant diversity training, constant propaganda.

Every generation has to be forced to believe homosexuality is normal. When they stop doing the propaganda, people will stop believing it. That’s why the gay movement is so focused on the public schools. And that’s why we’re focused on getting it out.

Les Sillars
Les Sillars

Les directs the journalism program at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Va., and is the editor of WORLD's Mailbag section.


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