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Issue: "Back to School," Sept. 7, 2013

‘Leaving Exodus’

July 13  I appreciate Jamie Dean’s sensitive treatment of the termination of Exodus International. I pray that Chambers’ new ministry approach is merely a change of emphasis and not a shift in theology.—Richard Hancock, Utica, Miss.

‘Rochester strong’

July 13  Thank you to Gina DiMartino for sharing her story. She said that she knows where God wants her to be because she “can’t be anywhere else.” I recently became very ill and have no idea what my future holds. I wonder how I’m going to handle it all and if this is really God’s will, but when I remember those words I stop and rest easier.—Heather Bollman, Lanark, Ill.

‘Aging badly’

June 29  I must take issue with the statement that Rachel Carson’s warning on eggshell thinning was “largely discredited.” Carson did not deal with this subject in Silent Spring. The first publication dealing with eggshell thinning appeared in 1967, three years after her death. DDT, or its breakdown product DDE, was shown to cause eggshell thinning in at least five species of captive birds and this was corroborated in numerous studies on wild birds. These studies have never been successfully discredited.—Stanley Wiemeyer, Saint Joseph, Mo.

Rachel Carson’s alarmist attacks on DDT led to the deaths of millions of people from malaria, far more of an “environmental disaster” than she could have ever imagined.—Katalin H. Korossy, Kensington, Md.

‘Beware of “comfort care”’

June 29  As an ICU nurse, rarely do I have a week without requests to “do everything” to keep someone alive, to the detriment of the patient. We add to the suffering of people constantly and often needlessly by giving futile intensive care to elderly patients. I understand Christians who are “pro-life” on this issue but feel they don’t comprehend what it means to “do everything” with present technology.—Karen Wallace, Pottsville, Pa.

Thank you for standing by biblical standards. I pray for world issues every night and your magazine is a good source of information.—Ryan Northfield, Des Moines, Iowa

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