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‘Just say the Word’

"‘Just say the Word’" Continued...

“Let there be,” God said in Christ in the beginning and again 2,000 years ago in the Person of Jesus Christ. Literally. For there is no other way for Christians to understand the creative power of God, even as creation now continues to open itself up to us, but to accept in centurion-like faith that God said, “Let there be.” And behold: It was.

God does not owe theistic evolutionists an explanation. Their contention that God is the author of a messy process of evolution birthed by mysterious physic-chemical chance processes resulting in the malfunctioning or malformation of existing perfect genes and driven by a natural selection of whatever it is that is out there to be selected over a period of billions of years borders on blasphemy. God thereby becomes the servant of so-called autonomous processes. It makes God the subordinate author of design by death and failure and chance and time.

Lazarus and the son of the widow from Nain as well as the daughter of Jairus, all resurrected on command, testify against this monstrous falsehood. God is not party to a wretched neo-Darwinian process of evolution. As sovereign Creator, His commanding Word, and His Word alone, is the mechanism that brought the universe into being. The entire creation bears testimony against theistic evolutionism, against an evolving that is no more than a parasite that feeds on God’s creation.

For God, even to this day, continues to speak to us clearly through His Word and deeds. Behold the riveting beauty of creation each year anew as God’s nature bursts into spring, as eggs hatch and the newly born eagle spreads its majestic wings. Life, a burst of growth and exotic color everywhere. My God, how great thou art! Behold and tremble in awe all you peoples of the earth, for God did a wonder-filled thing when He spoke a pregnant (after their kind) creation into being.

If only God would give us the eyes of the centurion.

©2013 John Hultink. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

John Hultink
John Hultink

John is a real estate developer, book distributor, and publisher of books and newspapers in St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada.


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