How the GOP can win

"How the GOP can win" Continued...

Any possibility of the Democrats ceasing to be the party of death? I have a hard time seeing that. We saw a bit of movement in that direction after the 2004 election, with recruitment of pro-life Democrats to run in states and in districts where they thought it would make a difference. They had the potential to make Democrats really open to pro-lifers, and instead they all folded in the name of party unity.

We’ve heard a lot about the drop in the percentage of 18-29-year-olds who are voting Republican … One political scientist argues that if you trace the drop in Republican support among that age group over the decades, it is nearly 100 percent explained by the declining proportion who are married white Christians.

Revivals depend largely on God, but the GOP should set up a wedding fund? Married people are more likely to vote with conservatives.

Marvin Olasky
Marvin Olasky

Marvin is editor in chief of WORLD News Group and the author of more than 20 books, including The Tragedy of American Compassion. Follow Marvin on Twitter @MarvinOlasky.


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