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Issue: "Blind exiled brave," Aug. 10, 2013

Angry bird

It’s not a snake or crocodile, but one angry stork has driven residents of a northern German town into hiding. On July 12, one local woman of Mecklenburg Western-Pomeranian Bergholz awoke to find a large and perturbed stork banging wildly at her screen door. Officials say the same stork has been attacking cars in the town, causing thousands of dollars in damages. “We saw the bird hacking away at our family car,” resident Kerstin Werth told The Local. “After we scared it away there it was, going at our neighbor’s car.” Rather than trapping the bird—or destroying it—local officials say they are waiting for migration season for the angry bird to move on.

No admittance

A Canadian man who traveled more than 200 miles across Ontario discovered that while he may have a passion for Legos, that alone won’t earn him entrance into the Legoland Discovery Center in Vaughan, Ontario. John St-Onge, 63, tried to visit the toy store in July with his adult daughter only to be turned away at the door. Store officials told him he couldn’t enter the Lego store without accompanying a child. But St-Onge, who has collected Legos for decades, told local reporters that he felt discriminated against. The Lego store invited him back to an adults-only night scheduled for August. The store stands by its “no-adults-without-children” policy, saying young shoppers could be the targets of pedophiles.


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