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Issue: "Blind exiled brave," Aug. 10, 2013

‘The morning after’

June 15  This is my favorite Seu Peterson column ever. Sometimes I think that I, as a psychologist, am going crazy and need a shrink, but she reminded me that no, I’m just trying to stay sane in an insane culture.
—Jeff Danco, Bridgewater, N.J.

This column is so very sad. We have turned our back on God and are getting what we deserve.
—Parker Benson, Winder, Ga.

‘A battle of wills and ideas’

June 15  “Inhumane” is too mild a word for the treatment Deborah Wakai received from our government. I’m embarrassed yet again by our country’s cavalier attitude toward common decency.
—Bobbye Nelson, Page, Ariz.

‘Rotten to the core?’

June 15  Joel Belz asked the frightening question: What if millions of voters “don’t care about truth telling”? I’m afraid that our cultural elite has come to celebrate those who can lie and get away with it. As Christians we believe that true freedom is found only in the truth, but for many folks, freedom is just not getting caught.
—Claire Kimmel, Banner Elk, N.C.

What is going on in our country is scary. God help us all.
—Marty Smith, Hesperia, Calif.

‘Lessons from a clothes dryer’

June 1  I think gay marriage marks the end stage of the society that embraces it. It exchanges God’s creation of male and female for a lie, and it has never worked well to defy the living God.
—Beth Turner, Isleton, Calif.

‘Real commencement’

June 1  I was at the University of Texas in the late 1970s and recall standing in the crowds that would gather around Cliffe Knechtle, listening to him and wishing I had his facility of speech and breadth of knowledge. I tried to start conversations with folks who seemed interested, but I wasn’t very good at it. I am so glad that he is still out there, still engaging students.
—Nancy Stewart, Houston, Texas

Over the last several years, I have noticed a maturing of your magazine. Increasingly I find in it sound wisdom, often expressed with the mixture of truth and kindness expected of those who humbly follow Christ. Also, I am thrilled with your Saturday series on your website and hope these thoughtful essays will continue.
—Jacqueline Miller, Savannah, Ga.

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