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Issue: "Effective compassion," July 27, 2013


June 15  Your comment that “Oklahoma Baptists deployed more than 100 volunteers to the tornado disaster site” failed to include the thousands of Christians of other denominations who contributed, not to mention those who helped just because they are Oklahomans.
—Tim Adams, Broken Arrow, Okla.

‘Growing in a loophole’

June 1  Health sharing ministries are not “insurance” but they take the place of insurance in people’s lives. These entities depend not just upon the goodwill of other members, which is abundant, but also on the financial projections and relative health of all members, both of which are hard to predict. If they run short of members or have greater costs than members can share, then hospital claims will not be paid and those unlucky few will be left holding the bag.
—Richard Miltenberger, Helena, Mont.

‘Stacking library shelves’

June 1  As a public library director, I appreciated this article. We have added many of the suggested titles to our collection. Please know that while ALA, NEH, and other organizations may have agendas, local librarians still retain jurisdiction over their shelves. What librarians need are more articles like this to provide analysis of controversial topics of interest to both searchers and Christians.
—Bill Nelson, Casper, Wyo.

‘Lessons from a clothes dryer’

June 1  I appreciated Andrée Seu Peterson’s comparison of the decline of America’s morals with the decline of Israel as revealed in the Old Testament. It dismays me to see all the hype about today’s economy while neglecting attention to morality.
—John Bascom, Cincinnati, Ohio

‘One monster among many’

May 18  Thank you to Andrée Seu Peterson for her coverage of the Gosnell trial. I have no words—even my prayers are simply tears.
—Kim Summers, Elgin, Ore.

When we come to Judgment Day, I don’t think that God will be asking those who aborted babies if they did it legally or not.
—Marj Otto, Elnora, Ind.

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