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Issue: "No pray zone?," July 13, 2013

‘Scouts in the balance’

May 18  Your article on the Boy Scouts was enlightening. Homosexual activists are breaking up a very solid group of moral young men. My husband was an Eagle Scout and he is 79 years old. His training in the Scouts has made him the good father and husband he is today.
—Pattie Baker, St. Joseph, Mo.

‘One monster among many’

May 18  If Andrée Seu Peterson is correct about how difficult it is for our society to demonize abortionist Kermit Gosnell, then we have no reason to condemn Germany for the Nazi atrocities. Perhaps we should expect the same judgment to happen to us.
—Daniel A Breithaupt, Saint Clair, Mo.

Few in the media seem courageous enough to see a similarity between the active killing of born-alive babies and the passive killing of born-alive babies our own president endorsed. Both produce the same results. Indeed, allowing a helpless baby to struggle for life may be more inhumane.
—Igor Shpudejko, Mahwah, N.J.

‘Conversations with wisdom’

May 18  This column described what happened to me when, as a teen struggling with “ownership,” I had to make my parents’ relationship with God my own. That decision was a profound experience, and the most important in my life.
—Marilynn Sollner, Saginaw, Mich.

‘R-rated libraries’

April 6  As a children’s librarian at a public library, I work in a secular environment and we do have books that favor homosexuality and other ungodly lifestyles. However, we also have a wonderful collection of Christian fiction, nonfiction, and Bibles for children. I consider it a great privilege and opportunity to put these books into the hands of children.
—Laura Ransom, Manhattan, Kan.

Each edition of WORLD keeps me up-to-date with the real news and views that we don’t typically hear in the regular media. Also, it enables me to sustain my prayer life; I pray my way through each magazine, article by article. Thank you so very much.
—George Louis Hickman, Philadelphia, Pa.


The 2011 study led by Sebastian Lobe that found no evidence ethical screens lead to a significant difference in the performance of mutual funds did not include research into investments that involve companies that support homosexual activism (“Investing your values,” June 15, p. 80).

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