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Issue: "Terrific and timely," June 29, 2013

This type of coverage, along with a refusal to water down or avoid testy topics even within the Christian community, keeps me reading WORLD regularly.
—Frank Nicodem, Geneva, Ill.

‘Line drills’

May 4  With his latest survey at an airport, Joel Belz proves merely that location and audience dictate the most pressing concerns. Had he performed the same drill at a homeless shelter, perhaps his audience would vote for jobs. If at a public school, his audience might vote for education. And in an evangelical church the answer just might be abortion or gay marriage.
—Phillip Woeckener, Tallahassee, Fla.

‘Heartbreak Hill’

May 4  It seemed to me quite crass to put “Boston terrorthon” on your May 4 cover. Other than that, your recent issues have been very well done.
—Jim Valentine, Troy, Mont.


April 20  The definition of marriage has been eroding for quite some time. It has gone from a commitment between a man and woman to form a lifelong union for the sake of building a family to a commitment between two individuals to stay together for an undetermined period for the sake of meeting their personal needs. At this point it seems of little importance whether the individuals are of the same or different genders.
—Russell Board, Saitama, Japan

Marriage seems to the gay community a rational and fair inclusion into normality, but marriage is not legalized friendship with sexual benefits. For those in the thicket of sexual confusion, we as believers need to remember that there but for the grace of God go we.
—Earl Piper, Greenville, S.C.

I am so grateful for WORLD. Your articles on current topics addressed from a biblical perspective are so interesting, informative, and encouraging to me, including the online items such as John Piper’s two messages on homosexuality.
—Joyce Roberts, Hudsonville, Mich.

‘In all the noise, sounds of silence’

April 20  Thank you so much for Mindy Belz’s very courageous column. Sometimes I feel that most Christians are being silent and unwittingly sliding down the slippery slope.
—Betty Nelson, Riverside, Ill.

Although I have used the word gay myself, I think we as Christians forfeit ground to the world when we deviate from biblical terms for sinful behavior. It should be for WORLD another way to show you don’t “buy” the gay marriage construct.
—Michael Mallie, Kalona, Iowa


Christ refused to answer Pilate (“Persecution myth?” June 1, p. 54).

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