Leaving Exodus

"Leaving Exodus" Continued...

Issue: "No pray zone?," July 13, 2013

For Yuan, that means celibacy in singleness—a lifestyle he says Christian churches should work harder to affirm as a robust way of life.

Yuan says Christians should also show deep compassion as they speak about homosexuality, but remain firm about the seriousness of sin. It’s not a popular message, and Yuan has faced pushback at some secular universities. (A Yale magazine responded to his 2011 campus visit with a column entitled “The Nonsense of Christopher Yuan.”) Yuan says he persists despite criticism because he wants to serve the church: “I love how God takes our past and uses it for His glory.”

Rosaria Butterfield shares Yuan’s conviction. The author of The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert chronicles her journey from a lesbian professor of queer theory to a Christian, homeschooling mom and pastor’s wife (see “Journey of grace,” March 8, 2013).

Butterfield says parachurch ministries come and go, but local churches should seize the opportunity to reach those in need, including homosexuals. That means desiring and seeking to disciple hurting people: “I hope the church can now be more intentionally ready. We appeal to a great God who in His sovereignty knows better than we do what we need and where we are.”

Jamie Dean
Jamie Dean

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