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"Staying on message" Continued...

Issue: "Boy Scout dilemma," May 18, 2013

In Washington, USAID spokesman Raphael Cook told WORLD that statistic is what led to targeting married couples in the “Weka Condom Mpangoni” campaign. Cook said the publicity drive is part of a larger, three-year, $36-million program funded by USAID. Despite recent setbacks, he said USAID plans to continue to work with Kenyan health officials to reduce new HIV infections, and that the campaign “is targeted primarily at those people who, despite knowing the risks of engaging in concurrent sexual relationships, have made a decision to continue with them.” He said after deciding to suspend the broadcasts, NASCOP officials are “now working with USAID to fine-tune their messages.”

One of Kenya’s lead organizations in the fight to control the spread of HIV/AIDS, the National AIDS Control Council, says it will call a meeting to consider different views and come up with a common position on how to promote condom use as a means of preventing HIV infections. Religious leaders, the council said, will be consulted and involved in the repackaging of the controversial TV condom advertisement. Cherutich said that NASCOP too would like to partner with church leaders by having them teach their members to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS by being faithful to their partners and for those who are not able to be faithful, to use condoms while having sex. —with reporting by J.C. Derrick in Washington, D.C.


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