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Issue: "Rejecting religious liberty," June 15, 2013

Out of line

Want a faster way around Disney World in Orlando, Fla., and don’t mind teetering on the boundary of outrageous? One Florida travel agent has just the thing. Dream Tours Florida promises it can provide you with a handicapped tour guide—called a black-market guide by some—for the price of $130 per hour, or just over $1,000 for an 8-hour day in the park. The advantages? Because the party is traveling with a handicapped guide, the group is allowed to skip every line.

Eyes on frames

Put off by scads of thick, black frames bearing lenses that may (or may not) be prescription strength, one Brooklyn school has laid down a new edict: no more hipster glasses. Students at Bobover Yeshiva B’Nei Zion school in trendy and fashionable Brooklyn have been banned from wearing the thick-framed retro eyewear because the Orthodox administrators consider it too flashy. 

Dropped call

By the end of the night, it was theatergoer Kevin Williamson who was kicked out of the show. But many of his fellow patrons at an off-Broadway theater in New York would applaud his vigilante instinct if not his actions. The kerfuffle began when one theater patron refused both Williamson’s and a theater employee’s request that she put away her mobile phone during a May 16 performance. That’s when Williamson, a writer for National Review and a theater critic for New Criterion, took matters into his own hands. After intermission, Williamson again asked the woman to put the phone away. When she told him to mind his own business, the writer plucked the phone from her hand and flung it across the room. The rude patron then slapped Williamson and left. A theater employee then asked Williamson to leave the show.


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