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Issue: "Boy Scout dilemma," May 18, 2013

Shirt savers

Cole Holzer may have lost his father, but Delta Airlines made sure the 7-year-old boy didn’t lose his prized keepsake too. After a March 27 flight from their home in North Dakota to San Diego, the boy and his family accidentally left what they call “the daddy shirt” aboard the Delta plane. For Cole, the shirt holds special significance. It was his father’s shirt. And ever since Bryan Holzer died in an accident two years ago, the Casselton, N.D., boy has used the shirt as a security blanket. So when the family left the shirt aboard the Delta flight after disembarking in California, mother Tonya Holzer panicked. A call to the airline’s lost and found proved fruitless. But a Delta pilot who heard about the predicament phoned the gate crew to see what could be done. Later that day, Holzer received a call from a gate agent that the Delta ground crew had found the shirt while searching through trash bags—something that made Cole very happy.

Work space

The job may seem like a suicide mission, but according to officials with the Inspiration Mars Foundation (IMF), applications are cascading in. The job in demand? To be part of the two-person crew IMF plans to send on a 501-day trip to Mars and back. Speaking at the National Space Symposium on April 11, IMF executive Jane Poynter said the nonprofit space exploration group already has more applications for its proposed Mars flyby than it can handle. The group, funded by American multimillionaire Dennis Tito, announced in February that it wants to send two volunteers to circle around Mars in 2018 using whatever space vehicles are available at the time. 


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