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Issue: "Rejecting religious liberty," June 15, 2013

‘Line drills’

May 4  With all the obvious problems in this country, the biggest issue passengers in the Buffalo airport wanted the Leader of the Free World to address was long lines? Keep turning up the heat—the slow-boiling frogs are almost cooked.
—Dan Hutchins, Somerville, Maine

‘In all the noise, sounds of silence’

April 20  I’m a first-year law student, and explaining my beliefs to those around me is certainly a challenge. Understanding God’s purposes for marriage—to reflect His nature in the world and the Church’s relationship to Christ—and that married couples do preserve society has helped me understand that the emotion-based arguments today clearly miss the point. I appreciate and deeply value WORLD’s position on this.
—Sean McDivitt, Oklahoma City, Okla.

‘A work of art’

April 20  Edith Schaeffer’s legacy of defending the truth is so important right now as we face issues such as gay marriage. The Schaeffers are such good examples.
—Audrey Grace Joyner, Sneads Ferry, N.C.

‘Countercultural warriors’

April 20  This article helped restore my confidence in the “millennial” generation. What a solid, courageous, willing-to-go-against-the-grain bunch of Christian activists working to maintain traditional marriage. It is easier for me at 58 to take a public stand on homosexuality, as a psychologist, because my career is established. These warriors are to be applauded.
—Jeffrey C. Danco, Bridgewater, N.J.

‘Powerful obscurity’

April 6  I’ve seen the ad campaign described in this article, so I was startled to see WORLD praising one of the ad campaign’s creators, Robert Doar, a New York City official. Doar may believe in marriage, but in this extensive campaign only the ad quoted in the article comes close to favoring marriage. The others portray having a child out of wedlock as expensive and difficult. Doar can’t explain why, in a culture where abortion is common, an ad stating, ‘You can’t handle a child,’ isn’t an encouragement to abort.
—Kate Van Wynen, Bronx, N.Y.

‘Journey of grace’

March 23  Rosaria Butterfield’s honesty with those church members was overwhelming: “Look I have to give up the girlfriend: What did you have to give up to be here?” All church attendees should be answering that question. Her experience is a beautiful display of grace.
—Dave Dirksen, Iowa Falls, Iowa


Gosnell clinic worker Steven Massof testified against his former employer (“Horror in the court,” May 4, p. 7).

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