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Issue: "Surviving Syria," June 1, 2013

‘Silent testimony in a region aflame’

April 20  Thank you for your coverage in the magazine and on your website of Saeed Abedini’s unjust prison sentence in Iran. Every bit of media coverage helps return him home.
—Krissy Fulton, Boise, Idaho

‘R-rated libraries’

April 6  I agree with this feature story. When I realized early in my career as a public librarian how left-wing the American Library Association is, I ended my membership in favor of the Pennsylvania Library Association, which takes no political positions. I was also frustrated at the popularity of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. All sorts of people contribute by taxes and donations to the library, so we bought a set, but I’ve been very surprised that many women who confess to be Christians were on the long waiting list.
—Dan LaRue, Lebanon, Pa.

Librarians might not have the personal power to withhold a book from someone because of “origin, age, background, or views.” But if libraries adopted a rating system, children would know what books are acceptable, parents would have an idea of their content, and librarians would have a basis for withholding books.
—Joy Nave, Dallas, Pa.

‘Don’t waste your stink bugs’

April 6  The woman who showed us our flat here in Zurich spoke only limited English. She admitted that one kind of bug got in sometimes but struggled to describe it. Finally she just held her nose and made a face. I said, “Oh, a stink bug!” She burst out laughing: “Yes! Stink bug! A good English word!” The Swiss are known for being reserved with foreigners but we bonded over stink bugs.
—Julia Sharma, Zurich, Switzerland


Boston Marathon runners included representatives of Run for the Fallen Maine, a group that honors all military members killed since 9/11 (“Heartbreak hill,” May 4, p. 38).

Branch Rickey was the general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers when he signed Jackie Robinson in 1946 (“Historic number,” April 20, p. 23).

Darius the Mede threw Daniel into the lion’s den (“Our daily bread,” April 6, p. 83).

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