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Curtain calling

"Curtain calling" Continued...

Issue: "Rejecting religious liberty," June 15, 2013

At times loving others means serving the people on set, which is unexpected for entertainers. Sometimes it’s being ready to engage in conversations on spiritual topics. 

He started talking to his Good Luck Charlie co-star Mendler about faith at the beginning of their friendship. They continued the conversation for two years, with Shane using the apologetics and theology he was studying, before she came to profess Christ. The two are now dating and attend church together. 

While Shane has acted in “faith-based” films, including God Isn’t Dead, where he played a college student debating his atheist professor about the existence of God, he doesn’t want to stay in a Christian subculture. He chooses roles based on the narrative of the story rather than the character itself, looking for stories with redemptive value. 

Recently he landed a part on MTV’s Awkward, which he doesn’t advise his Disney audience to watch. He chose the role for its dignified portrayal of a student with Asperger’s—which Shane’s younger brother has. Still he doesn’t know how the story arc will end up, but trusts God in his decision: “I can try and protect myself as much as I can in terms of what people think, but if I do that, I’m going to miss out on maybe the biggest ministry I could ever have.” 

Tanya recognizes her son had an easier time than the typical Disney star since he isn’t in the spotlight as much. But looking at fellow actors who have fallen off the pedestal, Shane suggests that children and parents shouldn’t have put them there: “There’s a lot of pressure when you grow up in front of a lot of people, especially if you make this great proclamation of faith, and they sometimes overdo that. … Jesus should be the role model.”

Angela Lu
Angela Lu

Angela is a reporter for WORLD Magazine who lives and works in Taiwan. She enjoys cooking, reading, and storytelling. Follow Angela on Twitter @angela818.


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