The media and President Obama’s view through a Gosnell lens

"The media and President Obama’s view through a Gosnell lens" Continued...

As unsightly or unsanitary as all this seems, the dead baby is what Roe v. Wade is all about. And rather than yield an inch on that, the president and his followers would rather see heaven and earth pass away.

Obama spoke out when Skip Gates was arrested in his own home. He spoke out when Trayvon Martin was killed. He has not been shy about inserting himself into ongoing investigations of criminal activity or police misconduct.

But President Obama has been preternaturally silent about the horror in the courtroom in Philadelphia. He has been mute. He says nothing. He sees nothing. Through his Gosnell lens, there is nothing to see. As his followers say, “Move on.” And they turn this home of freedom into a charnel house.

Ken Blackwell
Ken Blackwell

Ken, a senior fellow at the Family Research Council, is the co-author of The Blueprint: Obama's Plan to Subvert the Constitution and Build an Imperial Presidency. Follow Ken on Twitter @kenblackwell.


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