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Issue: "Unstoppable?," April 20, 2013

Dust detector

Because it’s no fun being caught up in a vortex of dirt, the University of Arizona proudly rolled out its newest iPhone program: The Dust Storm app. The brainchild of a UA professor, the app uses GPS technology and weather information to alert users when they are in places where dust storms are likely to occur. Also included in the free app is sage dust storm survival advice, such as, “Do not drive into or through a dust storm.” 

Historic hooch

History books are filled with the exploits of General Washington and President Washington. Operators of George Washington’s Virginia plantation home, Mt. Vernon, would like to introduce you to Washington, the distiller of rye whiskey. Beginning on April 4, the estate will begin selling up to 1,100 bottles of rye whiskey made using Washington’s own recipe and distillery. It’s not the first time that someone has searched the first president’s journals for an alcohol recipe. In 2011, the New York City Public Library commissioned a local brewery to prepare a batch of beer made by strictly following a Washington recipe.


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