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Me, myself, and my selfie

"Me, myself, and my selfie" Continued...

The key to any good selfie, apparently, is nonchalance, a fact I considered while attempting the photo that accompanies this story (my first smartphone selfie ever, in fact). But as I began snapping, the clumsily contrived images testified to an attempt at irony arriving at contradiction—because nonchalance, when contrived, isn’t really nonchalance. A picture can feature plenty of “self” while failing to authentically reflect the true “me.” We might wonder: when the primping, posing and lip-puckering exercises are through, are the selfies we take self-expressions, or self-presentations?

“Perhaps this explains why I detest the ‘selfie’ movement so much,” wrote Shona Sibary in London’s Daily Mail. “The result is an image that looks so fake, so unnatural, it really fails to capture the essence of a person at all.” In her article on the craze, Sibary bemoans her daughters’ addiction to posing for celebrity-inspired selfies for hours in front of a computer webcam. “I’m happy to settle for a simple smile,” she concluded. “How hard can it be?”

Caroline Leal
Caroline Leal

Caroline Leal is a freelance journalist for WNG.org. She graduated from Regent University with a degree in English and Professional Writing, and lives in Central Texas. Follow Caroline on Twitter @anncarolineleal.


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