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Issue: "Boston Terrorthon," May 4, 2013

‘The house that Ben built’

March 23  Thank you for your thorough report on our nation’s economic condition. Ben Bernanke’s Keynesian economic policies at the Fed are hastening the nation’s financial demise. He will become known as the architect of the dollar and government debt bubbles some have predicted. I fear for my children and grandchildren, and for this great nation.
—Charles Bloomfield, Allentown, Pa.

 “Printing money”—what a novel idea. To think I grew up with the old-fashioned idea that you had to work to “make” money.
—Donovan D. Kramer, Buffalo, Minn.

‘Buying in bulk’

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March 23  Your sidebar on “quantitative easing” does a wonderful job of explaining how our government gets the money it “creates” into circulation, by buying mortgage-backed securities. So as an American taxpayer, I now own a stake in GM and many mortgages. These are assets? Knowing how the system works frightens me, but I appreciate the explanation.
—Richard Roeming, Brandon, Wis.

‘Lament for a bride’

March 23  Christa Sutherland’s experience with her church is all too familiar. Too many people attend church out of tradition, not because they feel some compelling urge to worship God.
—Phillip Woeckener, Tallahassee, Fla.

I too am a pastor’s wife and serve on the praise team. Each week as I look out on the mixture of people, broken and beaten by the world—but still present, praise God!—I wonder about all those who are absent. Oh, what they are missing!
—Caryn Stillman, Plainfield, Ill.

I understand Sutherland’s lament, but I rejoice at the glimpse of glory in that body of Christ. It is so diverse with people from all over the world and varied incomes. How many of us worship in churches where everyone looks just like us?
—Amy Brady, Lexington, S.C.

‘A great delusion’

March 23  I love Andrée Seu Peterson’s column, but she is mistaken that the New Testament era had no “gender identity issues.” Homosexuality was quite acceptable in Roman and Greek culture, and common enough that Paul discusses it explicitly in Romans 1. I share Peterson’s horror at where this rejection of absolutes is leading, but also her hope for renewed recognition of the value of natural law and common sense.
—Steve Brown, Midland, Texas

Here in Colorado we have just had a controversy over a 6-year-old boy whose parents let him dress and act like a girl, but his school denied him permission to use the girls’ bathroom. Our nation is slowly turning upside down.
—Dave Albertsen, Arvada, Colo.

Thank you for pointing out that many of our issues today have their roots in the “hippie” era. What we teenagers and 20-somethings mistook for the new freedom and morality was instead sin and rebellion. It has produced a harvest of pain, bondage, and perversity. But I am thankful that we have a Savior who provided forgiveness.
—Pamela Wood, Independence, Kan.

I think the trend was set in the 1950s when pornography began to gain “respectability.” Then no-fault divorce enabled those who desired to remove any hint of integrity in the marriage vows and allowed us to define marriage according to our wants.
—Steve Lady, Spokane, Wash.

‘Journey of grace’

March 23  The interview with Rosaria Butterfield brought me to tears. I am the self-righteous one who views homosexuals with disgust and wants to associate with cleaned-up, picture-perfect families. May God help me reach out in humility.
—Lisa Shin, Los Alamos, N.M.

The way God spoke into Butterfield’s life greatly encouraged me, as my daughter is walking the same path. Her testimony is an important reminder that no hole is too deep for God.
—Susan Bullok, Campbell, Texas

The material in that interview was so rich, I felt as if I had just attended a seminar on evangelism in today’s culture. Thank you so much.
—Pamela G. Kafka, Clarksboro, N.J.

‘Bound and released’

March 23  Janie B. Cheaney’s column on forgiveness was disheartening. Christians should not just wait for the offending party to offer an acceptable apology. The two-way transaction she wants is vertical, between the Christian and the Lord. There is power in forgiveness. We cheat ourselves when we do not claim it.
—Barbara DeZarn, Getzville, N.Y.

If I have offended someone and attempt reconciliation yet he refuses to forgive, then I have left only regrets and a failure. Where do responsibility and forgiveness cross? At what point is it no longer my responsibility? When can I smile again? Determination and corrective actions may fail. I have hope only because of His grace.
—Jim Odle, Fort Wayne, Ind.


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