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Footloose and shoe free

"Footloose and shoe free" Continued...

“A shoe should allow you to run, not enable you to run,” he said. “Barefoot shoes are ideal in this regard. The only catch is, well, they look weird.”

Campitelli said it’s a “bogus notion” that someone needs a special pair of shoes to run effectively or solve a foot problem. What they need is proper education about foot motion and form, said Campitelli, who believes minimalist shoes should be seen as tools allowing for improved health and exercise, rather than mechanisms capable of preventing or promoting injury by themselves: “It’s not about what you wear, it’s about how you run.”

Caroline Leal
Caroline Leal

Caroline, an online english/professional writing student at Regent University, reports from her home in central Texas, where she resides with her parents and nine wonderful siblings.


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