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‘Fal$e Teacher$’ rapper answers critics with ‘positive’ theology

"‘Fal$e Teacher$’ rapper answers critics with ‘positive’ theology" Continued...

Linne said that even though he expected a response to his song, it was still jarring to see so many people criticize him and his music. Linne was on the The Black Out Circuit tour when the song released, and he said that one day he just sat in his hotel as “the weight of it all hit me and I just cried out to God.” He found encouragement in 2 Timothy 4:17-18, in which the Apostle Paul talks about how “the Lord stood by me and strengthened me.” 

Linne said one of his concerns is that he doesn’t want to be known as the “false teacher guy” because the vast majority of his ministry and music deals with the cross, atonement, and God’s glory. 

“The goal of the album is to proclaim the Word of God to provoke study primarily for the edification and building up of the body of Christ,” he said. “There are two aspects to theology: The positive to proclaim the truth about God, and the negative, to confront error concerning God.”

Angela Lu
Angela Lu

Angela is a reporter for WORLD Magazine who lives and works in Taiwan. She enjoys cooking, reading, and storytelling. Follow Angela on Twitter @angela818.


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