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Rapper rebirth

"Rapper rebirth" Continued...

Issue: "Moneymaker," March 23, 2013

In 2011, Au-Yeung married his wife Carol, and they had a son the following year. They moved back to New York to be closer to family and he started making English albums again. In August 2012, he released Crazy Love Ridiculous Faith, his first English-language album in six years, which speaks of his new faith in Christ and praises God rather than himself. 

Last June, 10 years after Au-Yeung’s induction into the Freestyle Friday Hall of Fame, he returned to the show for a reunion. The show allowed MC Jin to perform a 16-bar verse, and he used it to share his testimony: “By the grace of God I’m dropping this line / Watch my life transform like Optimus Prime / And guess what even if you don’t know me / All you need to know is that I ain’t the old me.”

Not on the it list

Rembrandt’s “Bust of a  Man in a Gorget and Cap”
Associated Press/Photo by Lefteris Pitarakis
Rembrandt’s “Bust of a Man in a Gorget and Cap”

At recent art auctions of Old Masters, “most works that cleared the million-dollar mark depicted secular themes,” according to The Wall Street Journal. Dealers speculated that the drop in demand for religiously oriented works was due to a growing number of Asian and Middle Eastern buyers, who “have little interest in decorating their homes with religious stories that don’t fit within their cultures.” —Susan Olasky

Angela Lu
Angela Lu

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