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Old lives, new life

"Old lives, new life" Continued...

Issue: "Coming to America," April 6, 2013

Ellison and Kincaid may never have experienced Jesus this way. But Garcia eventually did through the influence of other Christians, and that led him back to the faith. My conclusion: We should treat sinners as Jesus did, teaching right doctrine and being relentlessly gracious without compromising truth. Those who experience a real relationship with Jesus come to prize it above everything else, and that keeps them going when trouble comes.

—David Fisher is studying at Reformed Theological Seminary-Washington

Why stop at two?

Larry Washburn/Getty Images

Michael Cook speculates on the MercatorNet blog that the next frontier after same-sex “marriage” will likely be polyamory—“consensually nonmonogamous relationships.” Academics gathered in California in February for the first-ever International Academic Polyamory Conference. A February Scientific American article, “New Sexual Revolution: Polyamory May Be Good for You,” suggested that adultery “may even change monogamy for the better.” —Susan Olasky

David Fisher
David Fisher

David is a husband, father, management consultant, and student at Reformed Theological Seminary in Washington D.C.


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