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Issue: "Coming to America," April 6, 2013

‘“Haters” and the hated’

Feb. 23 I too still shudder hearing the verb hate, especially when told I must be “filled with hate” to oppose abortion, or that my outspoken opposition to homosexual behavior is “hate speech.” But it chills my soul to realize that the Apostle Paul calls my verbal persecutors and my president, in giving approval of those who practice sin, “haters of God.” I pray for my repentance and for those who appear to hate the Holy One.
—Ward Slager, Chelsea, Ala.

‘A little hypocrisy, please’

Feb. 9 This column is disturbing. Jesus taught against the hypocrisy of the Pharisees, while his acceptance of prostitutes and tax collectors reminds us that the gospel impacts those who have lost all false respectability. We should not recommend the vice of hypocrisy as an antidote to the vice of lawlessness. Instead, if our society would be honest about itself, it might recognize its need, not for morality, but for Christ.
—Warren R. Bennett III, Natchitoches, La.

‘Here they stand’

Feb. 9 Regarding the HHS contraception mandate: Don’t “they” get it? If the freedom of religion is reduced to freedom of worship, what about all the other ways we “practice religion” in the public sector? No one seems to object to honesty, trustworthiness, patience, courage, cheerfulness, or kindness.
—Margaret Harris, Newton, Iowa


The Lamoille Valley Fish and Game Club is in Morrisville, Vt. (Quick Takes, Feb. 23, p. 20).

CURE International employed Dr. Saul Lim (“Places to see,” Feb. 23, p. 47).

Albert Pujols has a 10-year contract with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (“Money for nothing much,” March 9, p. 74).

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