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Issue: "Moneymaker," March 23, 2013

‘A little hypocrisy, please’

Feb. 9 A New York Times column suggests that we “give up on the Constitution.” We genuflect to the Bible but do not do what Jesus teaches in it. I guess the Bible has also become an “archaic document, cobbled together by dead white guys” two millennia ago and “can’t meet the needs of an evolving culture.”
—Joe Marincel, Flower Mound, Texas

‘Cleaning out the farm’

Feb. 9 Up until now, have farmers been allowed to force their workers to take care of all of their “elimination” needs in the open fields? And no one thought this might be a contamination problem? My husband’s construction-related business must supply an OSHA-specified number of portable toilets. Sometimes it’s inconvenient and expensive, but it’s a federal requirement, not to mention respectful of the needs of workers.
—Beverly Parrish, League City, Texas

‘Broken arrows’

Jan. 26 Although I was a bow and arrow hunter, I never did understand that verse in Psalm 127 about how children are “like arrows in the hand of a warrior.” Why do we only understand these things when we are great-grandparents?
—Lyle H. Nelson, New London, Minn.

‘From this day forward’

Dec. 29 This was just what I needed. I was involved in prison ministry for 13 years and appreciate what Mr. Peterson said about losing 30 years in addiction and 12 years in prison. I just turned 50 and the devil uses that phrase, “It’s too late now,” in my life as well.
—Steve Lyon, Lansdowne, Pa.


Dec. 1 I am a bit behind in catching this but noticed that the Supreme Court upheld a ruling allowing public school students to receive credit for off-campus courses in religious schools. Christian schools should become pro-active about this. Many concerned parents with children in public school would be thankful to have their children take single courses in Bible as literature, or as history, or even as the foundation for civil law. And having a broader base of citizens with a stronger biblical knowledge—priceless.
—Sandy Gleespen, Prospect, Ohio

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