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"Quick Takes" Continued...

Issue: "Maximum insecurity," Feb. 23, 2013

Shifting fortunes

The often-baffling third pedal: a carjacker’s worst nightmare. Randolph Bean was waiting in his bright yellow Chevrolet Corvette at 11 p.m. outside a hospital where his wife worked when two would-be carjackers forced him from his car at gunpoint. But after a few failed attempts to start the manual transmission sports car (without first depressing the clutch), the two suspects threatened Bean, then fled on foot.

Mapping oppression

Want directions to the infamous Ryugyong Hotel in the heart of Pyongyang, North Korea? For the first time, Google added detailed cartography of the Hermit Kingdom to its mapping website and application. Google made the change in January weeks after the search giant’s CEO visited North Korea. Google users with local knowledge have already begun using the Map Maker application to add details such as the location of forced labor camps and nuclear reactors. But the maps and details won’t be much help to most North Koreans: Almost all North Koreans are banned from accessing global internet networks.


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