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No churches allowed?

"No churches allowed?" Continued...

Issue: "The new urban frontier," March 9, 2013

Kyrgyzstan suspended foreign adoptions in 2008, but 15 U.S. families had begun the process of applying and paying for adoption services through CWA. CWA didn’t indicate how or if the agency would interact with affected families or children, and the agency erased contact information from its site.

Adoption ARK in Buffalo Grove, Ill., another agency, also announced it would close in February. The agency cited Russia’s recent ban on adoptions for U.S. families, and noted its Russia program provided half its income. The agency’s website provides an email address for families with questions.

STD epidemic

The United States faces an ongoing and severe sexually transmitted disease epidemic, according to two February health studies. More than 19 million new infections are reported every year, up from 15 million in 1996. New cases include a rise in HIV, the virus that leads to AIDS—and half of the new cases affect people ages 15 to 24. “Young women in particular are at greater risk,” said Catherine Satterwhite, an author of one of the reports and a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention epidemiologist.


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