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Issue: "The new urban frontier," March 9, 2013

‘From this day forward’

Dec. 29  Recently while I was counseling a 68-year-old gentleman who has never been married but very much wants to be, he pulled out this column. He said he appreciated Andrée Seu Peterson’s rejection of the “it’s too late now” mentality and how she pointed to the promises of God as the antidote. I found it encouraging, too.
—Ted McCann, Chula Vista, Calif.

‘Learning curve’

Jan. 11  Regarding John Dickerson’s take on addictions, we have failed to understand the incredible power available through the Holy Spirit. The embarrassingly sick people in our churches meet in their own small groups separate from mainstream church life, while many of the “nice” saved people on Sunday morning are hiding brokenness just as deep as any alcoholic. If we hope to reach the world, we need to experience the power of God ourselves, not just talk about it.
—Marshall Tompkins, Kingsley, Mich.

‘Flashing red’

Jan. 11  Thank you to Mindy Belz for such a clear, concise account of the Benghazi debacle. We missed our chance when Mitt Romney decided not to make an issue of it, even after President Obama admitted that he knew it was a terrorist attack while continuing to speak of “demonstrations.”
—Vic Tripp, Tucker, Ga.

‘Choosing to sing’

Jan. 11  The interview with Joni Eareckson Tada hit a responsive chord in me. God disciplines us because we are His children and because He loves us, but He is not all warm and fuzzy.
—Kathryn Lee, Indianapolis, Ind.

‘The Raven’

Jan. 26  I’m not sure how “Baltimore knows better” about Ray Lewis. I know he was never convicted, but it seems there is much more to the story of the Super Bowl murders. I do hope Christ truly rules his life now, but I would be cautious about jumping on the Lewis hype machine.
—Mike Myslinski, Johns Creek, Ga.

‘A town clothed in misery’

Jan. 12  The U.S. reaction to the Sandy Hook tragedy shows how deeply we have fallen as a nation from true faith in Jesus. We hardly notice that God’s hand of protection has been removed. We instead resort to flimsy regulatory schemes like “gun control” that have never worked, or we watch uncritically as politicians shamelessly posture to advance their agenda and their prospects for higher office. This is a time to repent.
—James T. Davis, Heunghae-Eup, South Korea


Chaplain Tommy Davis was 16 when arrested for assault in 1989 and he was sentenced in 1991 (“Firestarter,” Feb. 9, p. 61).

Police shot dead Charles Whitman, whose shooting spree in Austin, Texas, killed 14 people on Aug. 1, 1966 (“Gleeful nihilist,” Feb. 9, p. 30).

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