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"Quick Takes" Continued...

Paw power

Who wins in an investment contest between several financial professionals, a class of investment students, and a cat named Orlando? Orlando, of course. London’s Observer newspaper pitted experts from three London investment firms against students at a British school and a cat in a year-long investment contest. Each of the three teams was given a hypothetical $8,000 to invest at the beginning of 2012. Leaders from the financial firms as well as the students pored over possible choices. But the choices of Orlando the cat were divined only when the feline tossed his toy mouse at a randomly numbered grid. When the year was up, Orlando’s portfolio had grown to $8,868—better than the students or the financial experts.

Beer run

A passer-by in Munich, Germany, knew something was wrong on Jan. 9 when he spotted an elderly man at a subway station with an intravenous needle attached to his arm. The concerned citizen escorted the unnamed 94-year-old to transit officials who then called the police. “After several calls, it emerged that the pensioner had bolted from a Munich clinic,” police said in a statement. “He himself said he was on his way to a beer hall to have a belated birthday celebration.” After the man was returned to the hospital, officials there told him they would buy him a beer of his choosing.


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