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Issue: "Roe v. Wade turns 40," Jan. 26, 2013

Your brain on drugs

A decision by a Jersey City, N.J., man not to check his pockets before going to court turned a bad day into a much worse one. Marquis Diggs arrived in family court on Dec. 14 to attend a hearing concerning a restraining order placed on him by his mother. When he checked in, sheriff’s deputies noted that Diggs, 29, had outstanding warrants and placed him under arrest. Then they searched him—and found 32 bags of marijuana in his pockets, for which they re-arrested him and charged him with several drug counts. Then, upon further investigation, deputies discovered that Diggs’ route to court took him through a drug-free school zone, for which they added an intent to distribute within a school zone charge to his ledger.

Very important date

Whether it was superstition, sentimentalism, or something else, thousands of couples in China chose Jan. 4 as their wedding day. The day was so popular that couples reportedly stood in line in the rain at registry offices in Hunan province so they could be married on that particular Friday. The reason: In the Mandarin language, “Jan. 4, 2013,” sounds very much like the phrase, “I will love you all my life.” The day has earned the nickname “love you forever day” in China.


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