Doing better on ‘hard cases’

"Doing better on ‘hard cases’" Continued...

Issue: "Roe v. Wade turns 40," Jan. 26, 2013

As Rose concluded, “We have a wonderful message on our side. A message that affirms life. So there is no excuse for our politicians—there’s no excuse for any of us—to not be able to answer as persuasively and as clearly as possible.”

Debate like Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln
Alexander Gardner/Library of Congress/AP
Abraham Lincoln

Arkes recommends that pro-lifers pursue “a strategy Abraham Lincoln used when he asked slave owners, why are you justified in making a slave of the black men? Is it because he is less intelligent than you? Ah, beware! The next white man who comes along, more intelligent than you, might enslave you. Is it because he is darker? Ah, beware again. The next white man who comes along with a complexion even lighter than yours may enslave you.

“We’re simply making the same kind of principled argument, so we say, why is that offspring in the womb anything less than human? It doesn’t speak yet? Neither do deaf/mutes. It doesn’t yet have arms and legs? Well, other people lose arms and legs in the course of their lives without losing anything necessary to their standing as human beings.” —M.O. & S.O.


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