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Issue: "Another dark day in America," Jan. 12, 2013

‘The power of high places’

Dec. 1 Thanks for the encouragement. I’m studying history at the University of Oxford and plan to return to the United States to teach. I’m excited about the field God’s called me to, but know it won’t always be easy or comfortable.
—Daniel Ostendorff, Oxford, England

Excellent column. If citizens listen to the liberally biased media long enough, they will often adopt those perspectives as their own. I have seen too many of my friends and family swept away with leftist and progressive ideology. God help us if we let others do the thinking for us.
—Bob Woodford, Hudson, Mass.

‘Christmas mix’

Dec. 1 I appreciate the honest, informed critique of secular vs. Christian artists’ Christmas offerings, but we need to guard our hearts. Mandisa or Jewel? We will cast our dollars toward Mandisa to support musicians who consistently point to Christ.
—Lane Walker, Saint Charles, Mo.

‘Thanksgiving secret’

Dec. 1 I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer last July. The months of difficult treatment have led to an astounding discovery of moments of “joy unspeakable and full of glory.” I hadn’t quite understood how until I read in this column, “The best way to learn thanksgiving is to taste it.”
—Joy McArtor, Hot Springs, Ark.

‘Campus politics’

Dec. 1 The statement by “disgruntled Mount Hermon alumni” that Liberty University is “intellectually narrow” was annoying. It confuses narrowness with epistemological coherence. And calling Liberty “homophobic” while dismissing that school’s biblical foundation is ethically absurd. That educated people say such things is disturbing, and suggests that believers have much work to redeem our culture and reach people within it.
—Scott Julian, Livonia, Mich.

‘Opposing the truth-trashers’

Nov. 17 As a subscriber who inherited WORLD from both Presbyterian Journal and Eternity magazine, all I have to say is: Both Donald Gray Barnhouse and Nelson Bell would be proud.
—Beulah Williamson, Dexter, Mich.

‘Lolo on ice’

Nov. 17 I was disappointed with the comment about Lolo Jones not “living up to the hype she helped manufacture.” Her faith lifted her out of homelessness and crime. She is a shining example to thousands of young women.
—Dean Davis, Carbondale, Ill.

‘Broken spirits’

Nov. 3 I was featured in this article and have mixed feelings about it. How does spending an hour in the waiting room of an inner-city family practice allow you to determine our patients have “broken spirits”? Although this article offered a lot of insight, it missed core components of what we do here and the mission of the practice.
—Takesha Leonard, Buffalo, N.Y.

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