2012 Events

"2012 Events" Continued...

Issue: "2012 News of the Year," Dec. 29, 2012

March 17

A Tibetan monk sets himself on fire in China, the latest in a series of similar incidents involving nearly 30 monks.

Pope Benedict XVI launches a probe into leaks of confidential papers alleging corruption, financial mismanagement, and power struggles among senior church officials.

Coptic Orthodox Pope Shenouda III dies, adding to the uneasiness of Egypt’s Christian minority amidst growing political uncertainty and Islamist persecution. 

March 17-18

Bombings in Syria strike Christian districts in Aleppo and Damascus, killing dozens and wounding over 100 people. 

March 18

Gunmen shoot and kill American teacher Joel Shrum in Yemen.

March 24

Chinese officials allow imprisoned Christian attorney Gao Zhisheng to see relatives, the first such visit in nearly two years. 

March 27

Following controversy over Bible translations in Muslim contexts, Wycliffe and its translation partner SIL agree to an independent review of their translation practices. 

April 2

Alleged gunman One Goh opens fire at Oikos University in Oakland, Calif., killing seven people and injuring three.

April 4

A court sentences former New Orleans Police Department officers to jail for shooting civilians after Hurricane Katrina, and then covering it up.

somalia.jpgA female suicide bomber walks into Somalia’s newly reopened National Theater, killing herself and 10 others as dignitaries meet to celebrate the first anniversary of the nation’s TV station.

April 8

A suicide bomber detonates explosives in Nigeria’s Kaduna state, killing 38 people in a blast apparently meant for nearby churches.

Golfer Bubba Watson wins the Masters.

Twelve Iranian Christians await a judge’s verdict after spending Easter Sunday on trial for “crimes against the order” of Iran. 

April 10

Apple Inc. becomes the all-time most valuable company, with a market capitalization of more than $600 billion.

Rick Santorum suspends his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination.

University of Arkansas officials fire head football coach Bobby Petrino for an inappropriate relationship with a female employee.

April 15

Islamic militants attack a Pakistan prison, freeing nearly 400 inmates.

April 22

Chen Guangcheng, a blind human rights lawyer, escapes captivity after 18 months of brutal house arrest in China.

April 26

The Special Court for Sierra Leone at The Hague convicts former Liberian President Charles Taylor of aiding and abetting war crimes.

May 1

karzai.jpgPresident Obama visits Afghanistan and signs an agreement with Afghan President Hamid Karzai that outlines a continuing U.S. role in Afghanistan after 2014.

May 2

Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of the National League for Democracy, takes the oath of office to become a member of Burma’s lower house of parliament.

May 4

Mexico officials discover 23 bodies in Nuevo Laredo following a mass killing involving rival drug cartels. 

May 5

A military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay arraigns accused 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four co-defendants.

May 7

The CIA says it foiled a plot by Fahd al-Quso, a Yemeni affiliate of al-Qaeda, to blow up an American-bound airliner.

Vladimir Putin begins his third term as Russia’s president.

May 8

The New York Court of Appeals rules that viewing child pornography online is not a crime.

North Carolina bans same-sex “marriage.”

May 9

President Obama announces that he supports same-sex “marriage.” 

May 13

The Falls Church Anglican congregation meets for the last worship service in its historic building.

May 15

François Hollande becomes France’s 24th president.

May 18

Facebook holds an initial public offering and shares plummet.

May 19

Chinese human rights activist Chen Guangcheng arrives in the United States.

May 21

NATO heads of state agree to a framework for winding down the combat mission in Afghanistan by the end of 2014.

May 31

A jury clears former Sen. John Edwards on one count of corruption, with a mistrial declared for the other counts.

June 2

An Egyptian court finds former President Hosni Mubarak complicit in the deaths of protesters and sentences him to life in prison. 

June 3

A car explodes outside a Nigerian church, killing 15 people and injuring 42.

June 5

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker survives a recall election.

June 6

French President François Hollande announces that the government will lower the retirement age for many workers to 60 from 62.

June 10

Terror group Boko Haram claims responsibility for attacks against two Christian churches in Nigeria’s Jos and Borno states. 

June 14

Chinese officials apologize to Feng Jaimei after a graphic photo of her lying next to her forcibly aborted 7-month-old preborn baby goes viral and sparks worldwide condemnation of the nation’s one-child policy.

June 15

President Obama announces that the United States will halt the deportation of some illegal immigrants.

Photo credits: CHRISTIE: Associated Press/Photo by Carolyn Kaster; SMALL: Handout; SOMALIA: Associated Press/Photo by Farah Abdi Warsameh; OBAMA & KARZAI: Associated Press/Photo by Charles Dharapak; JAMES, WADE, & BOSH: Issac Bal Dizon/NBAE/Getty Images; MARS ROVER: NASA; AURORA, COLO.: Associated Press/Photo by Ted S. Warren; OLYMPICS: Peter MacDiarmid/Getty Images; CHICAGO: Associated Press/Photo by Sitthixay Ditthavong; ROMO: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images; LIBERTY UNIVERSITY: Caroline Groussain/AFP/Getty Images


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