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Issue: "2012 Daniels of the Year," Dec. 15, 2012

Burger blowout

Americans didn’t get the chance to prove their mettle (and stomach), but Burger King did give that opportunity to Japanese patrons of the fast-food chain. The restaurant, which shut down in Japan in 2001 only to reopen in 2007, offered Burger King Japan customers a chance to gorge themselves on burgers during an all-you-can-eat promotion from Nov. 17 until Nov. 21. According to the company, any customer who ordered a black burger meal deal was invited to unlimited burgers during a 30-minute period without leftovers or the possibility of doggy bags.

Face off

Bluffing or not? If cosmetic surgeon Jack Berdy has his way, your face will never tell. Berdy, who operates an aesthetic medicine practice in New York, announced in November that he’s developed a series of Botox injections that will help serious poker players keep from giving away their hand with involuntary facial expressions. “Some people might get a card they like or don’t like and raise their eyebrows,” Berdy told The Huffington Post. “If that’s the common reaction, we can put Botox in certain areas to minimize them.” Berdy calls the procedure “Pokertox.”

Grocery giveaway

What do you do when all the cash registers at your grocery store simultaneously go out of order? If you’re part of the management team at a Charlotte, N.C., Harris Teeter, you simply let your customers walk away with free food. Confronting a broken register system and lines stretching into the aisles on Nov. 18, grocery managers first decided to appease their waiting customers by offering them free samples. But as the delay stretched on past an hour, the store manager simply let between 60 to 70 customers walk away with free groceries.


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