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Issue: "Divided we stand," Dec. 1, 2012

Armed target

Donald Ray Lee should have read the warning signs outside the Peoples Bank & Trust in Troy, Mo. The signs, posted by bank personnel, warn would-be bank robbers that employees of the bank have concealed handgun licenses. Nevertheless, police say Lee, a 58-year-old Lincoln County man, entered the bank on Oct. 30 intent on robbing it. Bank president David Thompson noticed something was wrong when from his desk he spotted nervous employees and a masked man exiting the bank with a bag of money. Thompson pursued the man and caught up to him as the robber climbed into his vehicle. The bank president then pulled out his .38-caliber Colt pistol and, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, calmly said, “Sir, get out of the truck, you’re not going anywhere.” Police said that Lee then went to put his hand in his pocket to feign a weapon. “You don’t want to go there,” Thompson said to Lee. “This will end badly.” Thompson and another pistol-packing bank employee held Lee at gunpoint until authorities arrived and arrested him.

Indoor island

Getting a breath of fresh air is proving harder and harder for the average British child. According to a survey conducted for the United Kingdom’s ITV1, 78 percent of British parents say they object to letting their children under 10 play outside. The survey reflected Britons fear of crime—only a quarter of those surveyed said they felt secure in their homes.


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