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"Quick Takes" Continued...

Rolled and rocked

An Oct. 23 crash in Patterson Township, Pa., involved a school bus that hit two utility poles and a truck that rolled onto its side, but nobody was injured. Part of the reason: Nobody was inside either vehicle. The parking brake reportedly stopped working on the parked bus, which began to roll downhill. The bus hit a parked truck, which also rolled downhill until it flipped onto its side. The bus then hit the utility poles and came to a stop near the porch of a Patterson Township house.

Help from above

After spending 16 hours adrift at sea, Glenn Ey of Queensland, Australia, has an eagle-eyed first officer of a passenger jet to thank for his rescue. The Australian yachtsman, 44, initially got in trouble on Oct. 17 when he became stranded about 300 miles off the coast of Sydney. When the search for the missing yachtsman began hours later, Australian search and rescue officials called in help from international airline pilots flying into Sydney. The crew of an Air Canada 777 decided to drop to 5,000 feet to help conduct the search and just as the jumbo jet banked hard to the right to continue on to Sydney, the plane’s co-pilot spotted the lost yacht. Once the crew radioed in the location, search and rescue officials were able to rescue the lost seaman.


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