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Issue: "2012 Daniels of the Year," Dec. 15, 2012

‘Not having what it takes’ 

Oct. 20  WORLD continues to help me maintain some hope in the middle of all this political muddle. Neither candidate fully was fit to serve us well. Now we believers must confront the reality that our image is not great. Perhaps our own rhetoric can be more thoughtful now so we are not labeled as backward, archaic, judgmental, and bigoted.
—Roberta Simmons, Kingston, Tenn.

It’s too bad those 10 people Joel Belz interviewed, and too many others, weren’t aware of what the stakes were in this election. Far too many Christians think, like the world, that what you see is all there is, but what’s unseen is also real. 
—Kathryn Lee, Indianapolis, Ind.

‘Blocking the shots’ 

Oct. 6  I cannot rule out that immunizing children might be the best approach. However, as a physician I take the position that there are equally scientifically sound reasons to say that the risks equal or are greater than the benefits. Other effective treatments exist including, for example, vitamins A and C for measles. And I don’t buy, in most situations, the idea that Christians should support immunization simply to help protect others. If vaccines work as well as some say, then for the people who get them it does not matter whether others have gotten them. 
—Mark A. Sherfey, Monterey, Tenn.

I was disappointed with your treatment of vaccines. Sometimes experts are wrong or change their minds. As for being considerate neighbors and citizens, sure, we should consider the societal impact of not taking vaccines but we should not treat the risk of autism lightly. 
—Brian Schwartz, Portland, Ore.

‘Psychology today’

Sept. 8  Thank you for reminding us to pray for graduate students at secular universities. They truly need our prayers and God’s guidance. WORLD does a great service by reminding us about the good happening in education in addition to the difficult, problematic elements. Teaching at a community college in a fairly rural, economically depressed area has helped me to see some of the joys and sorrows of our current educational system. 
—Maryellen Harman, Trenton, Mo.


In a statement Sovereign Grace Ministries noted, “The lawsuit does not allege any act of child abuse by a pastor or staff member of SGM or of an associated church” (“Troubled ministry,” Nov. 17, p. 72). 


In the movie Argo, the Iranian protesters who stormed the U.S. Embassy chanted in Farsi (“Spy game,” Nov. 3, p. 29).

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