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Issue: "Divided we stand," Dec. 1, 2012

‘The tales of trees’

Oct. 6 I enjoyed Andrée Seu Peterson’s column, but her comment that “the Bible begins and ends with a tree” misses something important. The Bible begins and ends with a wedding: the marriage of Adam and Eve in Genesis and then the wedding feast of the Lamb in Revelation, the sharing of resurrection life with God for eternity.
—Craig Anderson, San Jose, Calif.

‘Wastebaskets in heaven?’

Sept. 22 I agree with Joel Belz’s point about the continued exercising of our God-instilled interests. In heaven our vocation will be worship, and pursuing our avocations will be one of our Father’s delights. Jobs that will be obsolete include pastor, for there will be no need for under-shepherds in the presence of the Good Shepherd. I proudly served as an Air Force chaplain, but in heaven there will be even less use for a military than for clergy.
—Robert Stroud, Seabeck, Wash.

I suspect there will not be wastebaskets in heaven because God is the ultimate recycler. Despite the fallen nature of this world, the waste of human lungs gives breath to plants, and vice versa. My apple peelings go into the composter to later feed the vegetable garden, which in turn feeds my family.
—Crystal Katrek, Mableton, Ga.

‘The ultimate hybrid’

Sept. 22 As a homeschooled high-school sophomore, I agree that co-ops are changing the face of home education, but you didn’t mention the effects of online education. Online learning levels the playing field by giving anyone with a computer access to excellent teachers.
—Brady Jernigan, Kaneohe, Hawaii

‘Literary bondage’

Sept. 8 I am in my late 30s and many of my teacher friends have bought into the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy hook, line, and sinker. It saddens my soul when I hear them talk about the books and their marriages.
—Beth Yoder, Indianapolis, Ind.


In the Nov. 6 Missouri governor’s race, incumbent Gov. Jay Nixon is a Democrat; challenger Dave Spence, a Republican (“Revenge of the overregulated,” Nov. 3, p. 56).

The valuable painting a Virginia woman bought for $7 at a flea market was by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (Quick Takes, Oct. 6, p. 17).

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