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Notable CDs

Oct. 6 Andrew Peterson is at the front of a quiet revival of acoustic artistry and lyrical depth heard only rarely since Rich Mullins. Light for the Lost Boy is an album of rare creative beauty and insight into Christian hope.
—Clay Clarkson, Monument, Colo.

‘Queen of Rock ’n’ Roll’

Oct. 6 I thoroughly enjoyed your article on Arizona Dranes and plan to get the book to learn more about this pioneer of gospel music. But I was a little disappointed in the slam on Pentecostalism. I can understand having a difference of opinion, but to call our interpretation of Acts 2 “deficient” is over the top.
—Bob Conti, Agawam, Mass.

‘Fatal decisions’

Sept. 8 For the last few decades, government has been assigning group rights based on ethnic heritage, age, sex, etc. It’s no surprise, therefore, that the government may now exercise passive or active euthanasia on some of the same bases.
—Dan Hobbs, Sparta, Mich.

‘Literary bondage’

Sept. 8 Janie B. Cheaney’s insights into the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey were penetrating. Perhaps there has never been a time when the God-given roles of men and women have been so blurred and confused.
—John McMurray, Kingsport, Tenn.

A true husband loves, cherishes, and nurtures his wife as Christ loves the Church. But such love is uncommon in our culture and so women drift to men who hurt them physically, emotionally, and sexually. Women need not seek fulfillment in such books. We must find our identity in Christ alone.
—Carise Cruz, Tampa, Fla.

‘God out of the box’

Sept. 8 Exhorting readers steeped in postmodern culture to be “open” to whatever they deem God’s Word to mean is as needful as sending an alcoholic to a bar. Both childlike faith and right divisions of the Word are necessary if we are to behold God’s image rather than our own.
—E. Ayres, Louisville, Ky.


The children accompanying pro-life activists at the Democratic National Convention did not speak through a megaphone. Only one activist declared: “Unless you repent, you will be cast into hell” (“Social convention,” Oct. 6, p. 40).


The first presidential debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama was at the University of Denver (Looking Ahead, Oct. 6, p. 7).

The heroine of Snow White and the Huntsman is Kristen Stewart (“Snow White and the Huntsman,” Oct. 6, p. 25).

Bob Dylan’s lyrics in “Tempest,” on his new album of the same name, include the line, “I’m sworn to uphold the laws of God” (Notable CDs, Oct. 6, p. 31).

The centurion in Matthew 8 asked Jesus to heal his servant (“Powerful inferences,” Sept. 22, p. 95).

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