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"Attack" Continued...

Issue: "Divided we stand," Dec. 1, 2012

Indy ‘war zone’

Dozens of Indianapolis residents found themselves homeless on the evening of Nov. 10 after an enormous explosion ripped through their neighborhood. Authorities suspected a gas leak caused a blast that leveled two homes, burned or severely damaged 29 others, and sent out a force wave that registered on an earthquake detector 30 miles away. The explosion injured seven neighborhood residents and killed two—a 36-year-old second-grade schoolteacher and her husband.

Whitney Pflanzer and her husband Alex were in bed when the explosion shattered their windows and collapsed their ceiling. Outside, insulation rained from the sky. She told The Indianapolis Star: “It was like a war zone.”


The Supreme Court, by denying an appeal Nov. 13, upheld a circuit court ruling that allows public school students in a South Carolina district to receive credit for off-campus courses at religious schools. The Freedom From Religion Foundation sued the school district in 2009, saying the school’s policy constituted establishment of religion. The U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously rejected the suit, ruling in June that the school’s policy “accommodates religion without establishing it.” The circuit court also said public schools couldn’t prevent students transferring from a religious school to a public school to transfer credit. 


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